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Thread: SAFRA Photographer of the Year 2002

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    Sumbit more to have high chance of winning... this compeition is have 5 judges... it make it more challenging... also, its an OPEN judging...

    Hope to see u guys on the 12th Jan'03 for the Judging at SAFRA Bukit Merah...

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    So.... does anyone here in CS know the verdict? Where are the results? Should've been known since last Sunday....

    ANyone with any info?

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    Top prize goes a set of B/W print.

    4 set of B/W in the merit section...

    u can call up SAFRAPC to check if your name are in there..

    overall, 205 sets, 2 reject set... if not wrong, only 31 set goes to 2nd round.

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    thanks reignman! I'll go check it out soon....

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