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Thread: Believe it or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricohflex
    erhm..... I did lend a Hassel item for more than 2 years and never did bother the borrower during the whole period.

    Likewise another friend X lent a brand new Hassel 120 macro lens to another friend Y immediately after he bought it from Cathay Photo in Peninsula. Say, take go and use.

    So as Mod said, you can close your own thread.
    One case only, any more? Lend your most expensive equipment to a person who you don't know for a day, possible? Maybe that item don't bother you much or you too lazy to get back etc... Friend to Friend somemore, common la. Friend to stranger, I hardly sees. Thread should close or not, any thing. I stated my view. Reply or not, up to you.

    My colleague ask me for $, I lend to them when they return on time. But if they don't, I just let it be but still press hard on them. A card reader also need $ to buy and we should treasure our own things. Some of you might be rich down here and don't mind lending a small cheap card reader but to some, it is just the principle and attitude which makes one think otherwise. If a card reader is cheap, why can't the teacher just buy it himself but still have to borrow from my niece? Think hard, what is the main reason. This kind of incident might happen to your children one day and I wonder, how you going to react.
    Only Sony device mostly, haha!

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    I can't believe something so trivial has been blown so out of proportion. Is the extent of how selfish Singaporeans are becoming? And you wonder why people are becoming more and more inconsiderate? It's not from the schools, it comes from the home, children learn by example.

    Heck if you want to make such a big issue of this why don't you bring it up to the Ministry of Education, even better write a letter to your MP.

    If I read or came across such a complaint, I would be laughing my head off. Getting worked up and bent out of shape over a teacher borrowing something from your child?

    Give me a break!! Get a life, man!!!

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