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Thread: Art=Money OR Money=Art

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    Default Art=Money OR Money=Art

    Hello all,

    Just thought of a question to discuss.

    ART-Only the rich and wealthly could afford?


    Is ART for all levels of ppl in our society?

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    Default Re: Art=Money OR Money=Art

    Long long time ago, cavemen do drawing on rocks, cave walls, are they rich?

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    Default Re: Art=Money OR Money=Art

    Money can buy Art, but Art is never about money.

    Its about devoting ur passion, ur soul, ur mind, ur feelings, ur thoughts and crunching that power of concentration into a single moment on a piece of canvas, into that index finger on the shutter button, into ur master arm holding the chisel facing the block of wood/bronze/aluminium/titanium/whatever, into the 2 hands moulding the single ceramic piece, into a single firey moment to create The One Piece which everyone would recognise instantly as a hallmark of ur full power all concentrated into a single source.

    Yes, THAT, my friend, IS Art.

    Unfortunately, in this materialistic & pragmatic world where money drives the daily aspect of our lives, where it seeps in deep to the fabric of our very lives, society & mindset. Ppl hold the most unfortunate notion that Art is only for the wealthy, rich & powerful to enjoy. These ppl can BUY Art, but how much would they know and appreciate it is another business.

    Art is never about buying, but appreciating & recognising the effort made on the other end.
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    Default Re: Art=Money OR Money=Art

    There is binacular art ( or those people used to call fine art ) and vernacular art ( or those people used to call low art ), which one are you refering too?

    Anyway, buying artwork is one thing - appreciating artwork is another thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights
    Long long time ago, cavemen do drawing on rocks, cave walls, are they rich?
    they also got no one to appreciate their hard work.
    Eat breath LIVERPOOL!!!


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