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Thread: Common to all WA lenses?

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    Default Common to all WA lenses?


    Newbie question: -

    The Tokina 12-24mm F4 AT-X 124 PRO DX manual says "If the camera's built-in flash is used, the light of the built-in flash will be partially obstructed by the lens, so that the film shows a large shaded area. Therefore, use an external flash when this lens is attached"

    Is this common amongst other brand as well?

    Thanks very much in advance for all the feedback/advice.

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    Just think through carefully. If the flash is blocked by the lens, won't a lens of similar size and angle of view react the same way?

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    Default Re: Common to all WA lenses?

    everything casts a shadow when light is obstructed, it's just that other non-wide angle lens are not wide enough to capture enough at the lower (or side depending on orientation) frame to include the shadow of the lens

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    Thus, the advantage of an external flash ... with the added height.


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