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Thread: Photography Courses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witness
    act if u really want a related job, a portfolio is more important than a cert imho...
    Fully agree, a portfolio say it all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Toto38
    Friend, in this line the certificate is not really important but your skill come first! If i employ a certificate but not your skill and creativity and you can't work for what i want than for what???? So, learn more you will know why i said this! More important is the instructor willing to share his " kong Fu" or not!
    Very hard to find a teacher who willingly to impart his experience to all his students, i mean ALL. haha...

    I encountered instructors who wouldn't want to teach it all. No names will be mention here. Try SLCC, my encounter there is brilliant, very good teacher. Make you really feel at home too.

    Faster make up your mind and go for a course. Better coaching will allow you to show more nice picture. No point dragging on right.

    Just do it. *tick*

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    Quote Originally Posted by barracuda
    do u consider a university degree as a cert? if yes, then i think there are a few lah. in cert in photography
    DSLR newbie: 400D + Tamron 18-200mm + 50mm F1.8 (i simply love it!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shah
    Hi guys..

    Currently i`m looking for a good photography course which provides certificates at the end of the course..

    Currently, i can only find the ones provided by SLCC..
    Can anyone give me their experiences like how good is it and did the achieved certificate allow u to get jobs or anything?

    I love taking pictures and in my pc..abt 20 gigs are taken up by pictures..haha..
    feel free to visit my picture website..

    Please note that these pics are jus plain ol pictures i took during events..

    Little or no artistic influences in it..jus snap snap and snap....haa

    I want to upgrade my skills and put it to good use...

    I am now using a 4 year old Cannon Ixus V2 whose battery life is only 15mions..haha

    Am willing to upgrade my camera to an SLR..but need to look for a good and proper course first...

    Thanx guys...

    You may want to try black box photo.

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    I guess the cert is of no use at all if you wanna find a job in photography. what's comes handy is your skills,experience and creativity. However,Portfolio did help abit when you are searching for a job in photography.

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    Hi would like to hijack the thread to ask how are the quality of courses conducted by PSS i am interested in joining either the Digital Basic Photography(Eng) or the Conventional Basic Photography(Eng) offered by them.

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