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Thread: Which Camera Should i buy?

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    Exclamation Which Camera Should i buy?

    Hi pls recommed me which camera should buy?
    Sony T7
    Fuji F11
    Fuji Z1
    Fuji Z2
    Ixus 55

    Willing to spent $500-700.

    And also where to get a better deal?
    Thanks in advance.

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    It will be hard to find enough people who each know all the cameras you have listed well enough to give you a definite recommendation.

    I would like to help but I have only used the F11 and Z1 personally. While I like the compactness of the Z1, the image quality of F11 is way superior, and F11 has a better battery life (because of a larger capacity battery I guess).

    Without knowing what matters most to you I would not know which one to recommend among the 2. Not to mention I would be totally clueless about the rest of the cameras in your list.

    Have you read any online reviews? Care to explain a little more about the intended use you have in mind? Otherwise I doubt if anyone can give specific and relevant advice beside some generic coments about the cameras.
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    Frankly speaking, I haven't read up much about all these cameras, with the exception of the Fuji F11. I haven't used it before, but it's pretty spiffy being one of the few (or perhaps the only one, besides its sibling, the F10, and the new F30) compact cameras that handles well in low-light situations, taking decent photos without flash, and handheld.

    Do check up the reviews at:

    to get a better idea of what your needs/ wants are and what sort of camera would suit you best. Alternatively, if you wish to up the stakes and spend upwards of $800, I'd wholeheartedly recommend the Canon PowerShot S2 IS. That said, look into other superzooms by competitors as well.

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    Hi vincent80,

    Personally I would go for the Fuji.

    I like Canon. They are good though the Ixus50 was better than the Ixus55.

    Fuji though seem to have an edge.

    The ISO on the fuji goes higher. Good if you realy need it.
    I believe the Fuji F11 also has full manual.
    Battery life is quite good.

    Forget about the XD vs SD card cost difference; you only need to buy it once

    Panasonic.... Not a fan of camera manufacturers that don't make their own lens.

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    cheers thanks for reply.

    btw wat is ISO
    and wat is it for.
    keep reading all these ISO but not veri sure wat is it for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolegg

    However, higher the ISO also means higher the grain.
    wat is the grain?

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    anymore advise which one should i get?
    cause need more advise b4 commit on it.
    read all the reviews,
    all say good mah

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    Can i dismisses the Fujifilm ones coz they uses xD card?
    From Pentax to 4/3, back to Pentax and then back to M4/3 !?!?

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    I just want advise,
    anything will do.


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