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I've been a Singnet subscriber since the dial-up days, Jetpack and now Singnet 1500. Except the occasional line down due to 'technical faults' from Singnet end, I dont experience poor or slow broadband speed when accessing the net.

But I am disappointed with Singnet now! I was surfing the net on Sat when a lightning strike near my place. The broadband line went down immediately. Though I restarted all my hardwares, the line just couldn't get connected. Singtel line remains ok. I called up Singnet helpdesk and was told the fault might lie on my 2Wire modem or at the exchange in my block. But they couldn't send anyone to check. The earliest appt was to be on this Thursday. Imagine my annoyance when I cannot use the net for the next 6 days! This has happened to me before but never a waiting period of 6 days! The last few times, the agent would come immediately or at most the next day to resolve it. It was always the connection problem in the block and never a fault in my house.

I'm disappointed with their slow response. I got a feeling its an exchange problem again. Even if my modem was faulty, they could at least check their connection early so that I could get my set replace immediately. But I have to wait and see what's at fault. Despite my reasoning, Singnet could only push forward a day. So I'm expecting the agent to call today.

Just want to share my experience with all. Wish me luck!
Agent came yesterday and rectified the fault at the exchange in my block. Nothing wrong from my hardwares. Was really upset bcos of Singnet's fault, I couldn't use the internet for 5 days! Call and demanded an explanation from their customer service supervisor. Eventually appeased when she offered to waive the month subscription fee. Now, tts a better service from Singnet!