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Thread: MSN problem - help?

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    Default MSN problem - help?

    hello all, i dont know if anyone else has the same problem as me.
    when i try to sign in to msn, it always comes back stating sorry, we are unable to sign you in to the Msn Messenger at this time. please try again later. & then there's this troubleshoot option so i clicked on that. what it said was Failed to connect to service. This could be due to improper proxy or firewall settings. Please review your proxy and firewall settings.
    very lost. fyi, using singtel broadband.
    normally it doesnt really bother me much because mainly just more interested in my emails (most of my stuff are in the hotmail account). so i tried signing on to hotmail, but always cannot! keeps giving that page where they ask you to check settings and etc etc. been going on for quite some time already. so quite irate with it.
    so please, if anyone wld be so kind as to tell me what to do and stuff. i'll be grateful!

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    eh...this happens from time to time one msn.....juz try again after awhile....

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    happens to me sometimes too. just repair your LAN, and it should work
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