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Thread: A Brilliant Way to Kill your Photography "Passion"

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    Originally posted by Altec
    A very Asian phenomenon. You hardly read about molest in the West. In fact, hugging and kissing, even among strangers is a very acceptable way of greeting.

    Are local woman too 'sensitive"?
    Hugging and kissing (rarely mouth to mouth) are one thing. Groping breasts and pulling down a bodice are different things altogether.

    I do think my sympathies lie with the bride. Situations such as these are emotionally very shattering and confusing, and it's all well and easy to suggest a course of action when you haven't been compromised yourself.

    What this photographer did is unfortunate, and whether it will have a negative effect on the professional as a whole I have little idea. By definition, the vast majority of wedding photographers are "freelance", so I wouldn't read anything into that term.

    The couple's wedding day and memories are irretrievably ruined in this situation. For many couples, the wedding day is the happiest day of their lives. This is the first of this particular situation that I've encountered, but the far more commonplace situation is where a photography enthusiast with no relevant experience believes he or she can shoot a wedding. Having been to a wedding, and covering a wedding as a sole photographer - whether paid or not - are very different things.

    While there is clearly no criminal misconduct as in this situation, photographers have a strong moral (and often ignored, legal) responsibility not to ruin a situation that is, literally, once in a lifetime. A photographer shouldn't dream of taking on sole responsibility (again, irrespective of remuneration) until he has covered several without that burden of responsibility, and is experienced enough in photography in general to be able to meet Murphy's law head on. That includes having contingency plans, having backup equipment, and having professional liability insurance among other things.

    While I do not know the situation in Singapore, overseas, couples have successfully sued photographers for failing to capture their wedding memories on film, to the tune of re-staging the entire wedding again so that the photographer could get it right. A sobering thought for anyone looking to break into the wedding market.

    And just to link this back to the thread, that may also be a possibility for the couple to consider if the criminal action had failed or if they also seek compensation. Although, the damage has already been done, and though clearly they will get another photographer, the emotional scars are permanent.

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    Originally posted by Klause
    Tat guy siao.. molest so many times in 1 day.. the girl comfirm buai tahan one wat.. aiyoh.. black sheep
    So you mean if molest one or two times never mind?

    heh, Just joking

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    Hahahha... Call Findee and adam to go help the couple loh. Shoot them for free. Be nice samaritians. Hope they'll have some photos that is worth remembering their wedding of. Instead of those by the creep.

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    sigh...the unexpected always happen at the most unexpected time!

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    Default my POV

    hi guys...just wanna share my 2 cents worth of comments here.

    im a aspiring fashion photographers, and often have to rely on free models to shoot. think about this. the next time i ask a lady to be my model, what will she think first? perhaps the news.

    now, these photographers are really giving the rest a bad name.

    what will ppl think when you tell then ur hobby/occupation is a photographer?
    out of politeness, perhaps they will smile and talk for a while b4 shunning you, afraid that you might pull them in, esp ladies.
    perhaps this will not happen at all, and it is just an comment, so pls dont flame me k?

    perhaps there must be a society set up to 'control' photographers, esp freelancers. but, we must not restrict their freedom too, so it must be carefully planned.

    i say control as in maybe like: there must be no physical contact between the photographer and the client in intimate areas. therefore, we will still be able to position the hands and watever.

    and perhaps, in the near future, freelancers have to apply for a license to undertake assignments like these. of course, not all wil follow, so incentives will have to be given to attract them. this way, we will have a record of whatever assignments they took.

    so...what do you guys think?


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    this makes me wonder is there a

    Amateur/Freelance Photography Society in Singapore, where freelance photographers can certify themselves. having a sort of record thingy? i dunno. juz maybe a suggestion and idea?! its opens up a new can of beans.
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