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Thread: Limited by cam or skill?

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    Default Re: Limited by cam or skill?

    Neither ... it's mindset!

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    haha...good one....yo adam, long time no meet...still going for shoots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by digi~ET
    still remember when i just started, DSLR is still pretty new and high price, people are recommending jumping to SLR first before going DSLR. but given the pricing now, i guess can jump straight to DSLR...hee u guys bring DSLR oversea? ...isn't it kind of bulky? and need bigger tripod..haha
    I believe many do. My only complain is the weight of the tripod I have to lug, that is all. As for the size, no complaints since I feel relatively 'protected' with a long tripod.

    Anyway, I jumped frm a PnS straight to a DSLR after my PnS CCD broke down after 1yr. Besides the movie mode on PnS which I'd missed very much after upgrading, I'd not missed anything that's related to PnS.... What my DSLR offers, speed, low shutter lag (counted in milliseconds, not seconds), flexibility in terms of shooting & lenses, customisable, picture quality, power... my PnS had none of the above-mentioned.

    Despite the so-called 'bulk' of my DSLR, I'm still loving it. Telling me to downgrade to a prosumer or PnS is as good as pronouncing death sentence on me.
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