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Thread: National Service for Woman - my Humble Opinion

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    well girls who sign on in the SAF have a glass ceiling of CPT anyway.. the MAJs are rare and far between. COL? maybe in KFC.
    well as for nurse NS, cheap labour yes, of course. Wonder if anyone knows who does all the setup and cleanup for national day, marathons and major events? ha!
    women in the army is still a contentious issue, women in war face more danger. as discussed from various places, they are viewed as easier targets, hence attract extra hostilities; the question of rape, its use in battles as a deterrent; a question of pride, men *want* to protect their women; and most high ranking staff are old sexist coots, so women might not be treated fairly even by their own side.
    so even in the armed forces, women are relegated to support roles even if they are combat officers.
    why not just take support roles anyway? women are more conscientious workers, attn to details, etc. nurses, comms specialists, HQ workers, etc all all suitable. Nursing is left since all the medics and signallers are brimming with chaokeng men.
    As for women who want to sign on, it's a non-issue anyway, it's a career choice.

    sorry if my post is not coherent to the current flow.. but I've been following the issue on ST too, and they wun publish my Jalapeno +3 letter...
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    I haven't seen the world...BUT i do know the world...coz we're all human afterall...

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