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    Hi All

    I am new here as well as to professional photography.

    This event, the Singapore Garden Festival will be held on 16 - 25 December 2006. SUNTEC Hall 4 & 6. It is a ticketed event.

    I am working with the Singapore Botanic Gardens and would like to share this upcoming event with you guys since I read the thread about the Sentosa Flower Show 2006.

    The Singapore Garden Festival is different as it will play host to the top garden designers around the world. This will feature small garden plots ranging from 6m by 6m to 9m by 9m. Included in the show, would be the various flowers from the region as well as from Europe, America & south America.

    For all of you planning for a chance to snap away at flowers, please look forward to the show.

    The sooner you get it, the longer you enjoy it.
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    Woah, it's still a long way to go...
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