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    Talking TFC (studio)

    HI all,

    I m looking ard for someone interested to do a studio tfcd for me, cos i jus change a new hair style...would like to add on to increase my may pm me but i wont get to check everyday so i tink email better la....

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    Dear All,

    My online photo gallery is up! All are welcomed to view the pics....more pics to be posted...

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    hey i saw u in sentosa...u are so skinny!!!

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    Upz for u cherryberry
    头可断,血可流,倩女不可不追求 carpe diem,when in doubt, hoot first,apologise later:p GALLERY

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    ehh...amelia is??? not time got a few groups of ppl shooting.....

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    hey cherryberry,you should thank amelia for that great info.all your top models are thin!!! i would like to do a tfcd you. but only at an outside location.bring your mother. i can shoot mar 9 thru mar 13. please get back to me.,ray

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    lol...i saw u with thomas...hahaha..u were wearing that rainbow bikini...very nice...i so love that!!!

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    Hi, wanna thx all the photographers who did the shoot for me this morning.......u guys are funny...haha.....newae hope u all get good pics.....


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    Do enjoy taking pictures on you...will contact you once pics are ready.
    My Flickr/TFCD Service

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    but u left early! ahah.....after tt also dunno wad to take liaoz.......


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