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    I have came across this programme from the DPReview Forum and I think may be some of you are interested to get this free software. It is a screen saver but unlike the Window version, you can just simple drag and drop your image folders to the image list, no limit for the list, and setting to show your photos in sequence or at random. If you come across a photo you like as your wall paper, you can simply press the W key and the photo will remain as your wall paper until next time you have chosen another phto.

    You may want to have a look at this link:

    This programme is free and the only condition is that you must sent the author an email and promise not to distribute his programme, for this it should not be no problem as anyone can write to him and he will send a copy attached to the reply he send you.

    The email address is:

    I have been using this programme for the last week and I like it very much and I think that someones in this forum may like to have a try. Afterall this is free.

    Best regards,
    CP Koh

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    Default Re: The Photographer's Screen Saver

    Thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you cpkoh for the info
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