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    Need advice from you guys leh....

    Why does my picture seems weird? The building seems slanted.

    I was using my kit lens 18-55 together with my 350D.

    Any advice? Would appreciate if you have any comments to improve... this is only my 2nd nite shoot....

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    becos ur camera was slanted to 1 side when u took the pic? lol
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    Default Re: Slanted?

    hmm i tink it's alright.. tink u feel it's slanted cuz the 2 cone-shaped structures at the btm left arent upright..

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    due to the angle of the view, there's distortion of the verticals, that's why the building looks slanted.

    simply do a test in your room and you'll be able to observe it.
    turn the lens to the widest angle, point the camera upwards, horizontal to the floor and then downwards, see how the vertical lines get distorted along the way

    i think would be more appropriate to post such a question under 'General, Reviews, Tech Talk' as you're not really asking for a critique on the picture.

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    Hi Eikin,

    Thanks for your advice!! At least you gave honest feedback... rather than those who make a joke out of the beginners... sigh.

    Will try it out!


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    You need a shift lens

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    i guessed as much.... haha no $$$ leh have to stick to kit lens leh

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    i think you need to zero your camera....
    my camera also have the same problem...
    no matter how i aim horizontal.......the pic comes out slanted...
    quite frustrating...
    at times

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    it's keystoning problem. u need to adjust the perspective of this pic that's all.

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    You can compensate a little with Photoshop. Use Perspective control in "Transform". That would help a little.


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