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    Default Frozen Waters...

    This is my cousin. Back swim while i took it.
    Kinda like it. Comments please...

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    he looks like hes being swallowed, shouting for help, just that hes smiling about it!
    just jking :P

    that being said, i think its underexposed. if the intention was to show he was having fun, i think maybe the pose is not really showing that.
    also, actually i think the water splashes is quite distracting, but maybe u wanted it that way...
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    yah it was underexposed... i compensated EV +1 but still not enuff. The sky was pretty cloudy that day. and the stupid pool security ask me to stand "behind the yellow line" so the flash didn't actually did its work.

    yah... my purpose was to take the water splash as he swims backwards thus i used shutter priority in this shot...

    any advise for such shots in future? thanks for ur comments

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    Default Re: Frozen Waters...

    composition is off. image is under. no meaning (yet).

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    Default Re: Frozen Waters...

    you might want to try a view from ground level

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    actually, do u really need 1/1000 shutter speed?
    i think 1/400 or 1/500 would be wayyyy fast enough.
    tat way ur picture wont be underexposed.

    maybe u can try shooting ur cousin is diving into the water? or shoot him jumping into the water, but catch him half way in the air just before he touches the water?
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    Yap, Underexposed, composition off. Ground level where you can see more of the other end of the swimming pool might work. Also the timing of his strokes, perhaps can capture him when he back leaps off the walls, or a tighter shot of his face.

    Just my 2 cents worth.



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