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Thread: polarizer on moving front element

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    i have often read in reviews that using a polarizer on lenses with moving front elements can be a bit of a hassle.. seeing that i do not have a polarizer could anyone kindly shed some light on why this is so? and also the differences between a linear and circular polarizer if any.. thanks!

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    This is because if your lens has a rotating front element, you would have to adjust the polarizing filter after you've set the focus.

    Circular polarizers are needed with just about any camera that has a through-the-lens metering system, or autofocus.

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    Polarizers work by reducing stray reflected light coming perpendicular to the camera. To achieve this, the polarizer will have to be rotated until the maximum result is achieved. With front rotating lens element, everytime you focus on a subject, your polarizer would have gone out of phase, so you will have to keep readjusting the polarizer after you have focused.

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    ahhh i see thanks a lot!


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