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Thread: EF 70-300 IS with 500D

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    Default EF 70-300 IS with 500D

    Hi, I would like to know if this is a good combination for macro work. Actually I have no idea what a 500D is except that it is a close-up filter. Supposedly to make my focussing distance to a minimum of 50cm? If that's the case, won't the manification be even higher than a 180mm whose min focus distance is 0.45m or so.

    Also, since macro work requires high F-stops normally, I think F5.6 at 300mm should be good enough? Or will the close-up filter increase the max aperture as well.

    Please advise...Thanks!

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    Also, another plus point that I can think of with this combo is that I can actually do macro without the use of tripod?

    How about any disadvantages of this setup?

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    Default Re: EF 70-300 IS with 500D

    i doubt u can do macro without a tripod. with the high mag ratio taht you will get, even with IS, u may not be able to handhold unless you're getting high shutter speeds in bright sunlight.

    IS is not a miracle device. it just makes your job slightly easier but will never be able to eliminate all handshake

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    5.6 at 300mm with a close up filter will still be a razor thin DOF. you shloud be loking at f8 or f11. The IS function will only give you 1-3 stops more of 'handshake' reduction so unless its a high iso in birght sun i dont think it will work that well..
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