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Thread: olympus c 5050 z

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    hi all bros and sistas, i am a new member to clubsnap, please pardon me if i say or do something wrongly

    i would like to ask if anyone is using olympus c 5050 z

    i have been using it for nearly 3years 3months now... i can say i am happy with this camera... however i realise that this camera's AF speed is very very slow... is there anything i can do to make it faster? using a manual flash does speed up the camera as the recharging time for the flash is not needed hence the electricity is spent on focusing...

    how to speed up the camera?
    how to speed up the AF?
    where can i find an oem flash that is fully compatible for this camera?

    many thanks in advance...

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    hmm... been using it on and off... external flash only comes in handy when the shot calls for a flash.

    I think the camera functions especially slow in macro-ish AF shots (be it macro mode or other modes when you focus close). But given it's age, its not fair for me too, to compare against newer models.

    As for question on how to speed it up? sorry, i've given up on that. never invested/used an ext flash too. I've learnt from others that pre-focusing helps for shots that can be pre-determined (eg. the finish line kinda shot or similar). Otherwise, you may want to weigh if it's time to upgrade.
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