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    Default Chapel

    Taken near sunset time, adjusted WB.

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: Chapel

    I hate to do this... but can you share why you think this picture is good or valuable to you? Which aspects of the photo do you actually like about the picture? And do you think there's ways to improve it before posting for critique?

    To me, at present, it just look like a normal shot with a composition that's not emphasizing on anything. Too much foreground, if your subject is the house; too much background, if your subject is on the interesting texture on the ground. The trees included on both side (especially those on the left) are just too big, and effectively form another subject, thus conflicting again with the house and the reflective ground. Frankly, the best solution is to just crop it.
    Then again, if you have your personal reason not to crop it, then just let it be.

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    hi redstone....

    man this pic is crazy... I like it alot actually!

    A tighter crop would be great.....& some color changes.

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    Default Re: Chapel

    The chapel is too obscured to be a photo about a chapel.

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    i think its quite a decent picture. there is certainly some mood there. if only there werent trees directly in front of the chapel...


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