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    hi brudders,

    was at peninsula plaza this afternoon to accompany my fren to collect his nikkon fg cam for servicing. so went to window shop lah. actually, i was looking at some of the bags n found dat CP has got the most collection on brands like lowepro, crampler etc.. some of the bags r quite ex, man. i need one which can fit my nikkon fm10 body wif a standard lense n one additional lense. preferrably a shoulder sling type. i m looking at ard the budget of $60 - 80. i seek ur pro advice. n by the way do those shops there give any discounts on the items ?

    thnx in advance

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    Default also thinking of getting a bag

    prob something similar in size

    1 dynax 5 body
    1 28 - 80mm lens
    1 70 - 300mm lens

    different budget though - thinking more of $30 there-abouts

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    I got a Lowepro Nova3 for sale... interested?

    for S$25.

    Planning to upgrade to a AW mini trekker for my trip...

    Check out the Nova 3 here

    Interested, pls PM me. thanks!!

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    actually, u can try to use ordinary looking bag instead of cam bag coz
    (1) it doesnt scream"steall me!!!"
    (2)it is cheaper and u have less headache in choosing
    (3) it doesnt make u look like a silly amateur or those pros whose big big cam bags look like as if inside contains many heavy gold bars. this is related to (1)

    have fun ;-) cheerios

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    For budget shoppers, a average and reasonably camera bag will cost S$20. You can find it a SAFE superstores. I got mine there.


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