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Thread: filter combinations??

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    Default filter combinations??

    some do not make sense at all, for example using star6 with close up ( or does it) ?

    however im kinda confused about combinations like

    1) skylight + cir polarizer
    2) cir polarizer + close up and oter possible permutations.

    does it come with experience? or do u derive it from the definition of what the filter does?

    wat confuses is me is that i noe wat skylight does and wat cir polarizer does, but im not sure whether using them together will acieve the combines effect and NO SIDE EFFECTS


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    what kind of side effects? deadlock? starvation?
    the side effect is u get less n less light and more vignetting, with possible flare and haze if using cheap filters.

    of cos using 2 pols wd be pointless if u oppose them, and maybe many star filters wd look really weird...

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