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Thread: Standardising Colours in a Portfolio

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    Default Standardising Colours in a Portfolio

    I am putting together a digital portfolio at this moment. Wanted to know if there is any way to standardise the color from different sources ... ?

    I have digital files from Fuji S2Pro, Nikon D1X, Nikon D70 and also some from various scanners ... Just wondering how to make their colours look alike (or very close to each other) so that the portfolio would look "correct" when viewed on screen thru a projector?

    Is there any step that can be done on PS or other colour correction method thru other software?

    Thanks .....


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    You can try doing that but I think visually it should all work together. Even if they are from different cameras, I don't think it should matter too much, as long as the images work.

    Just like using different films, each of them have their own characteristics.

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    Default Re: Standardising Colours in a Portfolio

    If you can try using Image>Adjustments>Match Colors in Photoshop CS if the objects in your pictures are taken in similar conditions or with similar colours.

    If your pictures have been colour corrected properly, they should be roughly the same since they will be adjusted to your preferences (Unless of course, your preferences for colours changes over time). Make sure the whites are white and the blacks black will usually help too (need to have a correct concept of levels).

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    Thanks for the help ... but i am still not too clear ...

    1) There are about 20-30 photos in my portfolio ...
    2) They were shot over a period of roughly 2 years
    3) Majority of them were shot on using slides and then scanned into JPEG format
    3) New images added into the portfolio were shot using digital

    The digital images are shot mostly in RAW and some also in JPEG ... I guess the RAW files are prob easy to correct and match using NC4 or other RAW processing software to set a colour temperature.

    How to make the colours on the scanned files or JPEG files have roughly the same colour temperature so that there is not too much difference in the colour and saturation when viewed as a whole ... seeming like the whole portfolio was done in the same medium with some kind of consistent setting ...


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    Default Re: Standardising Colours in a Portfolio

    If your projector's not calibrated, no point matching your prints...

    You sending in for ARPS?

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    Yes ... sending in for ARPS ... so i presume the projector is calibrated ...
    Sending in digital files ... not prints. I think prints are easier cos the lab can do the correction to a relatively consistent level ... But prints are expensive to mail after mounting ...


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    At the moment, the human operator is still the best judge and controller of colour...stock agencies still have colourists to make sure their images are consistent...until the day someone creates AI that can do this job well, and colourists start panicking and brushing up on their DI skills, its best to do it manually...for your case, 20-30 images should still be manageable...or if you don't trust your eye, don't have the time, or just want to be doubly sure, get someone with good colour acuity to help

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    Are the 20-30 images your very best images? I would only pick the best, don't put an image in to fill space, it would only stand to hurt your book.


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