Based on the HTC Tornado, it's one of the first smartphones to feature built in wifi, and sport a 320x240 screen resolution , and since I couldn't wait, I got myself one Qtek 8310 which is an equivalent based on the Tornado from Trendsmobile, which by the way, sold all 10 pieces they recieved from their supplier by the late evening on Thursday. 3 photos I took, all cropped of my Qtek 8310 (Same phone based off HTC Tornado), and I am dazzled by the screen and superb functionality, 3 days worth battery life with 1-2 hours of music per day, and impressive toolset for everyone with its improved Windows Mobile 5.

Seriously man, Dopod should release the phone already in Singapore, it will be the next hottest phone. Too bad O2 already scrapped their O2 Orion.