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    C&C welcomed on how i can improve this photo. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Lim
    C&C welcomed on how i can improve this photo. Thanks

    Nice black and white picture that have rather (IMO artificially) imposed a full array of tones (zone 0 to 7). What I don't understand is how a picture with such background can actually have a lost of detail on a ground due to overexposure.

    While there's absolutely no problem in transcending beyond reality in a picture, the picture would have been great if that transcendence included just the bike and the tones in background and foreground without the sign. The sign, though candid as it is to the subject, has sort of diluted the sentiment of the picture, making it an overall very contradicting one.

    Nonetheless, the picture has succeeded in portraying what a good black and white photo should look like.

    Some minor notes:
    - black border on a dark theme, though appropriate, has the very strangling shrinking feel. That's due to more of colour psychology, than anything else (black objects tend to look smaller than they are, while white objects tend to look larger).
    - the wheel and the stand seen at the lower-left hand corner, while mostly out of sight, is still distracting.

    Finally, apologies if my opinions are too harsh.

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    Thanks Cheat, no apologies needed. Its genuine constructive comments and remarks that will help me improve further in future. The psychology behind this picture when i saw it and decided to PS it till the current state was very much reflected on my mood recently, that of feeling a lil down. I'm not too sure if i've captured that mood within this photo.

    Upon looking at this photo again. I'll have to agree with you that the sigh is a tad bit out of place and i should have moved the bicycle at the bottom left a lil out of the frame before recomposing again. Once again. Thanks for our comments.

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    i thinhk its a fine picture, but clone out that sign please.


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