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Thread: is this camera still worth anything?

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    well the pop was quite an icon back in the day and if yours is in good condition and gives you some memories why not keep it? it wont be worth much selling might as well leave it as your kid's first camera or something.. get him/her started on the path of no return.. i know my granddads minolta AF did that to me.. its worth nothing.. but i still keep it

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    Default Re: is this camera still worth anything?

    The big question is whether the camera has been kept properly, that is in a dry-cab. If not, in a matter of months or so, depending on how dirty the lens, you get fungus and that means certain death to your poor camera.

    Only those camera that are in good working condition and lens without fungus are worth keeping. Otherwise, IMO, they are as good as a piece of paper-weight!

    But then, they all occupy space in the dry-cab. My dry-cab is now almost full - full of old cameras, lenses and other stuff that I do not want to throw........
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