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Thread: Hotel recommendations in Pudong-Shanghai

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    Default Hotel recommendations in Pudong-Shanghai

    Will be in Shanghai next month for a short stay 2-3 days F&E on the way back to Sgp.
    Any tourist-class hotels to recommend from CSers here?
    I have shortlisted the following:
    1.Renhe Hotel Shanghai
    2.Jiang Tian Hotel
    3.Changhang Merrylin

    Looking for feedback for the 3 hotels in terms of locality & convenience (ie shopping & transportation).
    Other recommendations welcome.....
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    Default Re: Hotel recommendations in Pudong-Shanghai

    never heard of these 3 hotels but then i hardly stays in Pudong. If you are on F&E, i would advise you stay in the Puxi side.

    In Puxi, i strongly recommend CITY HOTEL (about RMB600-900 depending on season/room type). The reason for staying in Puxi is that thats where everything are. Pudong is like Shenton way whereas Puxi is like Orchard road, you get the drift?

    You can check out CHina Hotel booking sites like or

    Rates are generally better if book online than to go there direct. Booking through agency or local website for smaller hotels are very difficult.

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    Default Re: Hotel recommendations in Pudong-Shanghai

    Yes, you should be looking to stay over at the Puxi side cos that's where all the buzz is. The Pudong New Area is a financial district (Lujiazui) but if you could afford, there's the luxurious Grand Hyatt at the Jin Mao Tower itself.

    Otherwise, Puxi...

    and any tourist hotels along the Nanjing Dong Lu (Nanjing Pedestrian Walking Mall) would do fine.

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    Default Re: Hotel recommendations in Pudong-Shanghai

    grand hyatt is really an experience ... waking up open the curtains you see clouds / mist / pollution... sit in your bath tub with a real view... the lobby cafe is always crowded with the upper class ... the best looking men and women in shanghai.


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