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    I tried to print my photos using my old Epson Photo 750. I find that the printout is not as brilliant as what is seen on screen. Although the colour tone, on the printout is the same as what is saw on screen, the photo looks a bit wash out, i.e. the colour is not so bright.

    I did not use any calibration tools to calibrate my monitor, just using the Adobe Gamma. I am using Sony E100, and I created, or updated the ICC after visual calibration of monitor. I have also added the newly created profile into the printer properties.

    Please advise me if I have performed any steps wrong or any of the setting is incorrect.

    1) In Adobe Photoshop,
    a) the working space is set to Adobe RGB (1998),
    b) In Color Management Policies, every thing is set to "Preserved embeded Profile"
    c) In Conversion Engine, it is set to Adobe ACE, intent is "perceptual"

    2) When I open the an image file from my C5060, should I do a conversion of the colour profile? or continue to use the embedded profile?

    3) When I want to print the photo, How shall I set the profile?
    a) In the Adobe print dialog box, there are 3 choices: (I cannot remember the exact name available, so the following are just based on what I remembered)
    i) Let Adobe determine colour space,
    ii) Let Printer determine
    iii) Use existing colour space

    b) In the page setup (Dialogue) where we decide what paper to use and what is the setting to be use, I have tried 2 setting:
    i) If I use "Colour Adjustment" set to "No Colour Adjustment", the printout is yellowish, and the pictures are dark.
    ii) If I use "ICM", the pictures looks brighter, but the colour does not looks great, appear to be wash out.

    Please advise what setting should I use in order to get the printout looks about the same as that on the screen.

    Thank you.

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    to achieve a 90% result you need to use a device to calibrate your monitor and you also need the printer profile for the media (paper) you are printing on.

    using eyeballing method to calibrate your monitor does not work. The can profile that came with the printer cannot produce accurate print.

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    Thanks Jopel. Other than profiling the printer and paper, what other setting should I watch up for in Photoshop and during printing?

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    In PSCS > File > Print with Preview > select Color Management form the drop dpwn > Print Space - select your media profile > Print

    In Print dialogue Box > select your printer > Properties

    In your printer dialogue box > Media Type select your media > Mode select Custom > Advanced

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    in Advanced Dialogue box > No Color Adjustment > OK
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    Thanks again for your detail guidance. I will try again. But I think my printer is not that "Pro", so not many parameter can be set.

    How do you set your printer profile? Using calibrator?

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    I'm using gretabMacbeth for printer calibration.

    there is a free basic colour management workshop conduct by Nic. You will be able to gain better knowledge. Check it out. -

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    Thank you. I have just registered for the event. Hopefully, I can have time to join in.

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    Which product from gretagmacbeth are u using for printer calibration?

    Quote Originally Posted by jopel
    I'm using gretabMacbeth for printer calibration.

    there is a free basic colour management workshop conduct by Nic. You will be able to gain better knowledge. Check it out. -

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    Eye-One Photo (from a friend's office)

    not necessary to aquire unless you print frequently and are using various media with your inkjet printer/s

    if you are only using one or two type of paper custom profiles will suffice.

    Cathay Photo does provide custom profiling services

    Interesting detailed review of printfix Pro -

    it is below $1000 - wanna MO
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    I suggest you take a look at one user's experience with Printfix Pro before doing any MOs.

    I quote again, "Good things are often not cheap, but cheap things are seldom sufficient."



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