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    Breakthough with negative refractive index meta material is near commercial stage..... Looking forward to next-gen lens with 180 degree super wide angle !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yanyewkay View Post
    you must be joking. I haven't heard of how applying a coating on an object can allow the photons to channel (tunnel) thru the object relaying info from behind to front.

    I agree with primatic more. it'll be like if i had a ball coated with that 'thingy' it should look like this
    maybe light does not go "thru" but around and is reproduce the other side..
    imagine a lot of optic fibres going around by the side to the back.

    shape of invisible object is no problem in this case.
    just make a circular cloak and hide inside...

    pure speculation of course..

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    it is not reproduce, it just simply reflected within the meta material which have negative reflective index. Most objects appear opaque as it absorb and reflect light. Now it is manipulating the light such that it goes from one edge and pass thru the special material without any attenuation.

    Probably we need aliens help for further break through .... check this out Alien visit us 2007

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