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    You get to ask for 6 wishes if you sell your soul. But that chap didn't get what he bargained for and got things really screwed up.

    So, the magic wand ain't that wonderful after all and fairtales are for kids and makes great stuff for comedies anyway.

    Now, anyone still wish to make a wish? Or just try to make do with what we have here and not trying to dream of the distant rose garden.

    And what about Paradise and the Promised Land and all that.....
    I love big car, big house, big lenses, but small apertures.

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    There are always loopholes. IANAL, but I've done some proposals and contracts before. I can somehow find a loophole for me to get out

    Want to be clever? End up like Stephen Hawkings
    Want to popular and athletic? End up like the show with a small brain & weenie or like a NFL football jock
    It is impossible to have a leak-proof contract...


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