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Thread: bad experience in buying 2ndhand

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    well i suggest that we are big enuff to know what's wrong and right...right.

    Everyone is responsible of his/her actions, be it in here or out.


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    Let me get my 1 cents worth thru again...if the mods wld allow me.

    My suggestion of identfiying pple is merely a suggestion, in fact, it was raised as a question. I think we shld not fight within the community to the detriment to the whole community. Even when we fight, I suggest the tone be appropriate in a gentlemanly fashion. We have to remember that others are watching this space and will form their impression of the person writing.

    I agree with Song, that let the idea grow and debate it thoroughly before killing it. Even if the mods want to kill an idea, lets do it diplomatically, so that no one loses face in this forum.

    I am frankly quite surprise that some moderators have chosen to use such seemingly harsh tones when they write, perhaps it is in their nature or it really must hurt a lot! I think moderators all the more shld be moderate in their language. I am not sure if Darren meant it as a joke or what when he spoke of coming down to the CS HQ to see what defensive means...I certainly wld like to see what 'defensive' really means and mind u, u don't want to mess with me!

    I think Song is absolutely right to say that everyone can contribute to idea formation as to how better the buy/sell issue can be better done. I mean, that is what members are there for, they ought to contribute freely and moderators shld moderate, not "hamtam" the guys who speak out.

    Classifieds in the ST is not the same as this, in classifieds, one is paying to advertise. Anyway, there is no harm for suggestions to be floated and rigorous discussions before it gets into the waste bin. Afterall, do u wanna make the forum any better?

    I tell u all moderators quite frankly, if this is the tone and message u give to members, then I think some of us will leave this forum. What u will get then is not good pple with ideas, but those who agree with every word that u say and treat them as golden. If that's the way u want it to be, so be it. I personally have no quarrels with this.

    I know that u moderators are all no pay volunteers. It is a thankless job etc, but at least try to be civilised to each other, members and others alike. I hope this is not too much to ask for.

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    Wow things have gotten too 'hot hot" here. I suggest everyone to cool down and don't get too emotional here.

    First and foremost, I like to thank xmen1977 for sharing his experience here. Out of all the posts in this thread, I feel that his 1st post serves most value to all the CS members here. I believe all of us do learn something from him.

    As to his question on

    maybe to share something as how to deal wi such situation sld tis happen to anyone in future. thks
    heres my 2 cents :

    1) Check out the exact packaging of the product you are buying. These information can be gotten from friends, vendor website and last but not least ClubSNAP! *oops advertisement*

    2) If you are really new in buying 2nd hand items, bring a friend/clubsnapper with you who can give some advice. *I did that for all the 2nd hand items I purchased bcos I am (still) a newbie in photography....and the people whom I brought down are all from ClubSNAP. I know most of them in SEED and outings. So do join us in our next SEED or outing! *yucks another advertisement *

    I like to thanks everyone for their contribution to this thread. We welcome all comments and suggestions. As for tone and message, I was most surprised to see this

    I certainly wld like to see what 'defensive' really means and mind u, u don't want to mess with me!
    I am not too sure if Jeff is joking or means real. Honestly as a forum admin, I definitely will get very worried if everyone starts to post in the same manner. I cant imagine what will happen in real life, especially if one is carrying a 70-200IS and the other a 80-200AFS. *eh I am just kidding, didnt mean to stir up a Canon vs Nikkor lens fight hor *

    In my opinion, this is just a forum for sharing information. Messages tend to get misinterpreted/misunderstood easily. Thats where the Smilies serve its purpose. I can easily realise when people are joking if they using a Smilie icon. So please use more Smilies!

    I do encourage everyone (regardless if hes a member, mod, admin etc..) to be more tactful when trying to bring a message across to the other party/parties in your post. Alot of times, misunderstanding arises due to the way the post is constructed. However just like we cant enforce every seller/buyer to use their real names, I am not going to stop people from posting whatever they deem right.

    Last but not least, I am closing this thread to prevent it from degrading into a potential flamewar. I am not killing anyone idea/post. Please do not let this post of mine stop anyone of you from sharing more info/knowledge/experience. For those suggestions and feedbacks, we do have a Feedback and Suggestion box for every CS member to share with us your idea/comment/suggestion/comment. And please don't be worried that we will mess with anyone. As far as I know, theres no Beng in the clubsnap team yet *apologise if I am joking too much*

    Thanks everyone for your participation in this thread and spending time to read my "loso" post. I do hope everyone enjoys this forum as much as I do.

    PS : I am sorry for any spelling or grammer mistake. I almost failed in my O level England

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