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    So, what really is this thing called "LOVE" ?

    Please do not reproduce this image without prior permission.

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    something's not feeling right.
    it may be the 4 fingers sticking out of the center bottom.

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    i like her face which is glowing, the champagne flutes and the settings...very romantic, impromptu, did he just propose?

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    i like the glow on the gal's face - however i find the angle does not benefit this pictures. I find that the guy's shoulder seems a bit too broad. I also found the four fingers a bit sengek.

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    Being a bit further away may have made it a much better shot... Like AZ said, the guy's shoulders look like they're dominating the center frame with one big white triangle. The girl's right-hand fingers seem to be growing out of his back.

    Good work capturing the ring on her finger though. But if there were a stronger lightsource that caused a glint off the ring (maybe with a star-6 filter?) you'd have more attention on it.


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