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Thread: Timing for AMK Chingay Heartland

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    Default Timing for AMK Chingay Heartland

    Just checking since their website doesnt state; does anyone know the timing for AMK Chingay Heartland event from 5-9 Feb, and where exactly in amk is it?

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    Default Re: Timing for AMK Chingay Heartland

    you stay in amk?
    got leaflet in my letterbox leh.
    tue 7 feb @7pm - float parade around teck ghee/kebun bahru/yio chu kang division

    wed 8 feb @7pm - float parade around Nee soon south division

    thur 9 feb @7pm - float parade around cheng san/jalan kayu division

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    Default Re: Timing for AMK Chingay Heartland

    Thnx for the reply. Nope I live nowhere near it

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    Default Re: Timing for AMK Chingay Heartland

    So where in Angmokio can should we go to see the Chingay events?
    Im planning to go tonight, but not sure of the location:

    I saw this on the website:

    5 9 Feb: Floats Display at AMK Central

    7 Feb: Floats Parade in AMK Town

    So should i go to ANK Town or Central? Where are they?
    ANyone have the street names?

    The locations of "teck ghee", "kebun baru" and "yio chu kang" are they street names or general areas in angmokio? and how do i get there?



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    The Chingay event is stationed at the AMK Central 2 huge car park. Map.

    Every day until Thurs, the Chingay floats will leave the car park at 7.30pm and will tour around designated roads.

    At 7pm every night, there will be performances at the car park itself.
    Wed - Getai performance.
    Thu - Musical Harmony

    For details, see the below leaflet that I've scanned.


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