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Thread: Flowers for critique

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    Default Flowers for critique

    Dear all,

    This flower shot is one of my submission from the sentosa flowers festival.
    Please comment on composition / form and colour.
    Please advise if anything else is not ok.

    Thank you


    Francis Wong

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    Default Re: Flowers for critique

    the three flowers in background are quite distracting,

    maybe you can try different composition, like go closer, lower, or higher to see which angle works best.

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    Default Re: Flowers for critique

    Hi francis, your main subject which is the yellow flower should be big enough. same like the grasshopper picture. your main subject should be big. Anyway it is up to you how you want to tell people about your picture.

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    Thanks guys for the comments.

    I notice i tend to like these kind of proportions.
    I was concnetrating on the rule of thirds and
    kept forgetting the scale or balancing of the objects.
    I will try out different proportions and scaling.

    What about form and colour?


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