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Thread: Visit to Historic Town of Sukhotai, Thailand

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    Default Visit to Historic Town of Sukhotai, Thailand


    Saw some photos on the Internet on the Sukhotai National Park in Thailand. Sukhotai is the capital of the first Kingdom of Siam in the 13th and 14th centuries. In the national park, a number of notable monuments, which illustrate the beginnings of Thai architecture, can be seen.

    Anyone in this forum who has been to this place? I've checked with Chans Brothers and SA(UIC), but their thailand tour packages don't include this attraction visit. Any contructive advice / suggestion on which agency in Singapore offer such package? And any experience to share?

    Thanks in advice.

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    Yap..been there last dec during a backpacking trip. Was there to visit the ruins....think i stayed at one of the guesthouse for 2~3 days. Very rundown town, compared to the places like chiangmai or bangkok.
    Well, if u intend of going there, there are a few ways of getting there. Think it is easier for you to start from bangkok rite?
    i) Go to the Northern Bus terminal at Bangkok( Take a cab or bus there) and seek for bus tickets to sukothai. About a few hours ride.(can't exactly remember how long)

    ii) Go to the train station( err..think is the one near chinatown), and seek for tickets to sukothai.

    ii) or as suggested in the lonely planet guide, take a luxurious boat ride down the chao phya river there. think quite a long ride. But very nice.

    Anyway, I got there from chiangmai by bus. and must say it's a very nice place to visit. oh ya, not to mention that it is one of the world's heritage site.
    If need more info, you could easily get them from the lonely planet guide.



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