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Thread: Need advice on servicing

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    Default Need advice on servicing

    Dear all,

    Recently Tzesian of Clubsnap passed me a KM Dimage 7 which is faulty (cannot on it) I've sent it for servicing and the KM Service Center quoted me 180 to fix the problem (Appears that the shutter has some problem and they have to change the whole mechanism.)

    Just would like anyone to share their views on the issue and to find out if there's any 3rd party servicing for the problem.

    Thanks alot!


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    Default Re: Need advice on servicing

    If the service centre change the whole shutter mechanism for $180.00, I don't find it is expensive, you should always go back to the KM Service Center for any repair and serivcing.

    If you go to 3rd party for repair the shutter mechanism, they still have to buy the parts from KM, if the 3rd party didn't do a good job for you, when you have to go back to KM Service Center to get it done, at that time you will need to pay even more.

    Hope this help.


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