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Thread: Supreme Courts

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    Quote Originally Posted by guojielun
    i've heard casually that there is a certain guide for calculating aperture vs shutter speed would u be able to guide me?
    paiseh i've not been reading this thread.
    sorry, me not good at calculation. i usually do by "agaration".

    can try by testing out a few different settings and check out the ones you like.
    it's usually alot of trial and error for me. not those read-the-book type of pple
    juz an assurance to you, the kit lens that comes with 350D is reasonably good, dun sell it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights
    Suppose you have a hood come with your kit lens?
    I use hood all the time, day or night.

    A new or better lens will not improve you shots, your kit lens has far more potential you can do with it. You should learn more about how to making good pictures, try to read books about basic photography, shoot more, look at other people works, ask questions.

    Yes I agree. i buy a D70s about 3 month back. You will never believe what I have went throught. Now i am hook on the camera. When i went out the camera is always with me.
    And the photo that i take i am very happy about it.

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