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Thread: First attempt at panning

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    Hi everyone,

    Was in Vietnam over the CNY break, and tried out some panning shots for the first time. How can I improve on this one? Would appreciate comments, thanks a bunch! (Sorry about the external link - can't seem to figure out how to post a pic in the thread itself.)

    Shutter speed: 1/40 sec
    Aperture: F/29
    Shot on Shutter Priority

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    Default Re: First attempt at panning

    Hmmm... Feels a little lonely for a street scene in Vietnam doesn't it?

    Technique wise there's nothing really to fault, though its a little small to judge accurately.

    Try to incorporate more elements into the shot to add interest... its a little plain...almost sleepy. Add some crowds, traffic, a little hustle and bustle for more tension and excitement.

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    Thanks solarii for your comments. I agree that this shot is really not quite typical of Vietnam streets! Will work on it.


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