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Thread: Epson RX530 & 630 All-in-One

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    Default Epson RX530 & 630 All-in-One

    Any users of the above. any significant differences between 4 or 6 color printing to justify the additional costs? Just intent to buy all-in-one for general home printing & scanning needs.

    Was considering Canon as well. just curious of merit between Canon & Epson inks.


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    Hi, I am not sure of the current technology. I remembered when I used Epson Colour II (4 colours), I can see a lot of dots in the printout, especially when the colour is not available, you will see black dots in that area, causing the whole photo to be coarse.

    When I changed to Photo 750 (6 colours), the colours shade transition is smoother, as there are more colours to choose from. You will not see black dots as substitute colour.

    If you have the budget, I will advise you to go for the 6 colours printer, as picture will turn out nicer.

    If your main concern is printing out document or presentation slides, then I would recommend 4 colours, as you usually do not require so many colours in the presentation.

    Just my 2 cents worth of advise.


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