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Thread: Photographers make the models?

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    ' lian hua chu yu wu ni er bu ran' or a bad workman (photographer) blame its tool (camera or model) as the saying goes. if the model is not pretty, is not her fault. its the photographer and his/her team to make the model looks good, tats where the skills lies.

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    Agreed, IMHO, its about 50% styling (including wardrobe,hair,makeup,styling,) 30% photog and 20% model - but of course I'm sure a lot of people will disagree.

    Quote Originally Posted by di0nysus
    ok, team effort. IMO, its the stylists team that makes the bigger impact. watch America's next top models, some models ain't pretty, and yet the shots come out stunning. are the photogs gd? yes they are. if CS's photoshoots have a team of stylists akin to those in ANTM, many CS'ers can also produce Great quality pictures! but these photoshoots prolly cost a bomb...

    also one can compare the different magazines, same celeb/model, look very different. if posing/lighting/compo is poor, one can point finger to the photog, else its the team of stylists liao.

    A bit of X, playboy's production team is really good.
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