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    guys where can i purchase a manfrotto or slik tripod today? it's 2:22pm currently...

    gave a call to cathay but they will be closing at 3pm, unable to reach there in time i've decided to give it a miss...

    i need advise on where is open till at least 5pm? and at the same time which tripod i should get to compliment my 350D with standard kit lens for the time being however subject to further upgrade.

    appreciate if u could reach me by SMS 96698461 as i'll be going out now to hunt for one...

    Melvin Kwok

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    not sure.. try 64576380 ms @ amk or the b&s forums for a quick deal..

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    Not sure what time TK Foto and MScolour close today. Try to give them a call.

    As for the tripod, it is really depends on the weight of your equipment, your height and a lot of other factors, try this link to find out more on tripod and tripod head selection.

    For me, I will go for Manfrotto.
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    Are you in THAT a hurry to get it? Need to take fireworks izzit?
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