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Thread: Slideshows on TV (DVD) - s/w comparison

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    Default Slideshows on TV (DVD) - s/w comparison


    Is there anyone here that tried both ProShow Producer and MemoriesOnTV?
    just want to get a comparison which one is the "killer" slideshow app.

    I also know that Nero has something like this called Photoshow - any comparison?


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    Default Re: Slideshows on TV (DVD) - s/w comparison

    I have tried both and liked them both. They are almost similar. About the only difference is the MoTV requires you to pay for the MPEG2 (DVD) plug-in whereas Proshow includes it as a standard package.

    Please note that my comments are based on only simple slideshows-on-TV applications. Nothing fancy.

    Download both trials and try them yourself. For me, I sticked with Memories because it requires less of my computer system resources. That's about it.

    Have not tried Nero.

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    Default Re: Slideshows on TV (DVD) - s/w comparison

    Have you considered Ulead VideoStudio?
    It's a very easy to use software


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