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Thread: Can I make a photo cd that plays on normal vcd player ?

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    Default Can I make a photo cd that plays on normal vcd player ?

    Hi everyone.
    Just got a new high speed cd burner and busy burning cds.
    Just wonder wheter can I create a photo cd that can play on normal vcd player and TV ?
    Is there a software that can do this ?
    Preferably the cd and run and play for the full leghth without keep pressing the forward button.
    I can create a self running slideshow with irfanview but it is an exe file and hence I don't think it can play on normal vcd player.


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    Photocd? No.

    But if you mean VCD that can advance, then yes. Check

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    I've tried Ulead's DVD PictureShow and another product called PictureToTV.

    There are 2 things I like from PictureToTV:

    1. Transition Effects
    2. It shows the duration of the background music (MP3s etc) and the total playback time of the pictures selected (with or without transitions).

    2 things I dislike about it:

    1. Burning to CD takes a *LONG* time
    2. VCD generated didn't work well with my Pioneer DVD Player. It failed on my Philips VCD Player as well.

    Bottomline... I find it a crippled product.

    DVD PictureShow do not have the fancy stuff mentioned above, but it sure did work well on my players, and also on the JVC VCD player used by my in-laws (they had problem with the background MP3 music though... sound was distorted)

    My 2 cents... hope this will be of help.



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