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Thread: Which lens hood to buy?

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    Default Which lens hood to buy?


    Eh.... can someone tell me how many types of lens hood are there?
    And how to know which lens hood to buy?

    I have been reading the forum, some said it's unless, some said is useful, good, important to have.....

    But, I do not know which lens hood to buy and how much it will cost.... and also thinking whether I need one...

    Only using kit lens 18-55mm and 50mm...

    Hope someone can enlighten me... 10'Q

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    Default Re: Which lens hood to buy?

    I use the D50 with the kit lens and 50mmf1.8. I think that I do not need lens hood for these lenses. I have the 70-300mm lens that comes with a lens hood, and I mostly use the lens hood to prevent flaring.

    I don't know about you though. Do you face many situation where you shots got flare with the kit and 50mm lens? If you do, then go get one. I am not sure which one though?


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