Hi fellow-CSers,

I've looking around to buy this scanner for a while now but am amazed it's actually more expensive in Singapore than in Europe (and ofcourse the US). This scanner, Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 II, retails for around EUR600 in Europe, around US$550 in US, but here in Singapore, I've asked at Cathay Photo where they quoted around S$1800 and got a equote from MSColor for S$1600,- (all incl. of GST). This is about S$400 more than even the European prices...

Now I'm wondering, are there any photography shops in Singapore offering better prices or is it the Konica-Minolta dealer in Singapore who is keeping the prices up? If I've been asking the wrong shops, does anyone have a pointer towards a better one?

And finally, does anyone have some (good or bad) experiences with buying this kind of equipment from overseas shops (warranty, power supplies, import duties etc)?

Happy CNY!