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Thread: Point & Shoot Digicam recommendation..

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    Default Point & Shoot Digicam recommendation..

    my mum is fascinated by the fujifilm digicam roadshow.. and she wanna get a digicam.. but ask for my opinion..
    there is 1 she is considering.. the Finepix A303 Zoom (3.2M) at $699

    so i was thinking is there any cam at the max of $600+ that is better than the A303? in terms of color, sharpness and the MB of memory included..

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    i think as long as she like the design will be ok, as today digital produce good 4r pic for most people on the street.
    may be u can advice her on batteries and international voltage charger and storage card if she go to tour offen.

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    haha! i just bought the A40... the Ixus V3 cost $799! not $699 as what the catalog wrote. hehee...

    it's a great cam! any recommendations as for how to optimise? hehe...


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