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Thread: Quadro or FireGL

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiong78
    oh. its ok. I can up my budget. But which is better? AMD or Intel? Any good MOBO to intro?
    graphics card wise any good recommendation for my usage( I dun play games on my PC)?
    I got extra KB, mouse & monitor. So its just the CPU that i need help in.
    A stable mid-end set up would be fine by my standard..

    would appreciate the help. Thanks.
    for me, i think Intel, but alot swear by AMD (u will see alot of AMD supporters coming to slam later) mobo wise, i always get Asus (den u see ppl using Abit, MSI come in to slam also)

    graphics card, i think quaddro better... cos i met some problems with FireGL on few software, most noticable on Vue, but u get either, will set you back at with at least your budget for the system. just get a normal nvidia, den mod it. quite simple, do your own research, and dun blame me if anything goes wrong.
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    what do you ppl think of this set up..

    INTEL P4 2.8GHZ
    2G RAM
    2 X 160G HDD 7200RPM

    enuff for my usage?
    think ard 1900.

    will there be a lot of difference if i use a different graphics card? like a PX6800?
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    Don't bother with Quadro...use the money and get better i prefer AMD X2 processors...we live in tropics, don't need heaters...

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