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    Comments please. Just seem to like the look of this sunset.

    More interested in ways to improve the composition rather than how to improve it in Photshop. Figure to focus on the basics, as I am likely to pick up Photoshop skills faster than the basics of photography.


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    The first thing I noticed was the horizon line dipping to the right. The two people in the bottom left side are also a little distracting. I do like the use of the branches, in the foreground, on the left side of the frame to add some depth to the image.

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    I find te sunset not dramatic enough. Sun should be lower and orange or red with reflections on the water. You should try different timing.

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    Thanks to both for your comments.

    Don't remember the 2 people there when I took it, and actually didn't see them on my monitor untill I adjusted the brightness, than they appeared. As for the sloping horizon, will take note of that the next time.

    As for the making it more dramatic, will get more shots in next time.


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