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Not called bully then called what?
He don't know everything but know abit also can help others who know nothing mah.
So I don't see anything wrong with what he said.
After 'bullying' him then you finally offer information that is helpful.
Couldn't you do that without bullying him?

I know you are usually nice lah.
But I wasn't looking at who you are.
I was only looking at what you were doing.

Anyway... just ignore me if you don't agree at all with my words.
Happy Lunar New Year to all
Ok, I see what you mean.

I would like to provide some info which will help others, but after read and re read, don't find it is useful.

On the other hand, I do believe the thread starter know how much should charge, but just want to get conformation here.

And I find if anyone suggest a ROM charge $300.00, at a couple's point of view, would rather get someone well known in the market, why would pay $300 for someone who just started, many seasonal photographers is only charging $250.00 for ROM.