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Thread: Questions about Dyson vaccuum cleaner

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    Default Questions about Dyson vaccuum cleaner

    Anybody own one of these vaccuum cleaners that looks like an alien craft out of the movie Alien vs. Predator? Somebody in my office told me it was quite good, until I take a look at Best Denki. It looks too complicated for my 70 year-old mother to use, and weights a ton too.

    Anyone has an experience to share?
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    Default Re: Questions about Dyson vaccuum cleaner

    i am quite interested to buy it
    but yeah appreaciate if more people can come foward and share.

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    Default Re: Questions about Dyson vaccuum cleaner

    Basically it sucks air, and there's a small 'ramp' thingy inside the cylinder which sends the air into a very fast spiral cyclone, which spins all dirt out to the external cylinder...

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    Dynson's patent must have expired, there are a couple of other brands of cyclonic filter vaccuum cleaners now and they are MUCH cheaper, they usualy don't have the exotic styling or the 'extra's of a Dyson.

    It's an old princpal - the technique is used on industrial dust extraction systems - it's common to see an inverted cone shaped thing next to wood working shops - it's their saw-dust collector, the blow the air into cylinder and the air slows down as it spins around and up the cylinder, dropping it's load of saw dust into the bottom - where it's collected later, and the air escapes out the top largely free of dust.

    I assume Dyson got it's patent on the basis of being able to shrink the system down to domestic cleaner size, industrial cylonic filters certainly existed before Dyson cleaners did.

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    Almost S$700 for a dust and dirt sucker is way too much. Better stick with Phillips vaccuum cleaners. Cheaper and more convenient customer service (TPY is just two MRT stops away).


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